Reunion - Unauthorized withdraws from my account

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I was just going thru my bank statements.I noticed back on August 20,2010 there was a withdraw from my account of $119.25 and each month since there has been a withdraw of $19.95 unauthorized charges.

I have a great Attorney and will be sending this information to his just as soon as I get done typing.

This is outragious. BBB Needs to also be notified that will be another one of my get back tasks because I wont take this lying down.

How many other people haven't noticed on their bank accounts like me that this is going on?This is outlandish, and crazy.

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Reunion - SAVEACE automatically deducted from my credit card, without authorization.

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I am very upset about a company called SAVEACE 888-593-5216 CT. I just realized they have been deducting $19.95 from my credit card for the past 5 months. The only way to get rid of them is to cancel my card, which I just did. I am fortunate as my credit card company will reimburse me for the charges made by SAVEACE to my account.

They are being investigated by my credit card company but for the life of me I do not know how SAVEACE got my card number. The most probable senario is that they intercepted an online purchase I made for Christmas gifts.

Beware of this SAVEAVE and review your statements carefully.



Savings Ace is fradulently taking money from credit cards.This is illegal.

They are breaking the law. Who will stop them? They stole over $300 from me. I had to cancel my credit card.

They created overdrafts.

Who is helping them?A class action suit is necessary.


I just noticed that Saveace has been charging $19.95 to my credit card.I read on another site that it may have come from VitaCost.

I looked back and sure enough, I ordered from VitaCost and the next month I started getting charged by this bogus company.I'll never do business with VitaCost again if they don't remedy this!

Reunion/MyLife Scams you for $19.95 Monthly Fees

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If you sign up for MyLife or Reunion you may be inadvertently signed up for one or more savings networks. In my case it was Home Savings and Savings Essentials. In both cases I never signed up for them and was even careful to uncheck any boxes when signing up for MyLife. I contacted both vendors, requested immediate cancellation and asked each vendor for proof of application, which they were unable to substantiate.

I also contacted my bank and after discussion with the fraud department it is evident that this ploy is very active. The bank fraud analyst said she sees many of these coming by her desk and is getting an increasing number of disputes involving this exact scheme. VISA requires you to contact the vendor before disputing the payment but to all of you out there who have been duped, don't let this one stay on the shelf. Each month they are taking $20 from you.

This is a scam in which one of you smart attorneys out there can take as a class action suit!



I got same problem when I reserved a trave package in in Aug 2009, and they charged me 4 times. That's scarry, since I have no idea I was scammed. I ordered travel packages through many many times, now I would trust it any more.


I have never even heard of these companies and don't search for anyone anywhere online and they took 19.95 from me!


Never buy anything online without first typing in the company name and the word scam. It's amazing from that little question, what it will bring. Usually your eyes become more wide open


Yep- they did me too - reunion .com - kept up aggressive e- mail to join.

Used so-e-mails from people went to school with.

So ; o.k.- maybe it was a good thing to make peace with whom ever.After they got me for 39.00- all the so-called requests stopped.

Less than a week- i was charged 19.+ from somewhere in Conn.I canceled the card-seems mylife is connected! Now they are trying to get me to join.

This is a operation that hopefully won't be around someday!-

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I too have gotten robbed by these thieves for unauthorized charges to my credit card.I followed the route of others on this site to cancel them; hopefully it works..

It's unbelievable we are openly being robbed by these companies; because of loopholes in the very laws that were meant to protect consumers.

It's disgusting to think that the very people who are elected to represent the "people" of this country, are so easily corruptible that they allow this to happen time and time again.To think, I actually served to protect the very country that is continuosly finding ways to either take my honest hard earned money, or allowing ways for their constituants to do so; not to mention all the freedoms the common man is losing.

Review about: Saveace.

Reunion - I had no idea they would give my info

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I am so angry.I am overdrawn in my checking account because of the fact this company gave my financial info to other companies without my knowledge.

How dare they do that in this age of identity theft because that is what this is. I can't get in touch with them. I have no idea how many companies will start billing me. I am going to have many phone calls trying to sort this out.

I am also going to contact a lawyer to see if i can sue for doing this.I have never experienced this type of theft

Jackson, Mississippi 2 comments

I was charged for over $120 that all stemmed from signing up with are sister companies and one says the other is not responsible for the other.

So I am pretty much stuck and had to cancel both debit cards over this. Yes, I am pissed off. Not to mention spending two hours with these three companies to try to recoup a few of the dollars. This is a scam and it should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission.

I did! Then I was told to also report them to the Better Business Bureau and our local representatives.

Who has time for all this?Just don't sign up for anything I guess and you won't have this problem.



I signed up for nothing and am getting the bill.sometimes twice a month..

so I canceled the card..told them it was unauthorized and got all my money back from my credit card company.

I would like to know who leaked out my card number though


But oyu had time to throw your money away instead of looking in to them and reading alittle?

I got this website that tells you 100% all about your family dating back 7000 years.

Costs $4000 a week. Wanna join?

Reunion - Savings Ace

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An open letter of complaint to REUNION.COM and MYLIFE.COM:

I have been a member for years. I just signed up for Within an hour some company called sent me an email about automatically drafting money from my bank account. Information that they said they got passed from you. I am sure there is must be a check box somewhere this was authorized. But I would have never knowingly wanted you to let a third party access my financial information. It appears that thanks to whatever has happened I am going to have to spend hours going over my bank statement for months and spend no telling how many hours on the phone correcting all this.

I have been on the phone with not only your employee but also trying to find a way to get out of this thing. My worst fear is how many affiliates of yours now have my info. I've been looking on the internet and see complaints have been starting to pile up regarding this tactic. I am sure you are aware also regarding the complaints regarding your firm and the company Shopping Essentials. I can safely state this as your form letter you sent me addressed Shopping Essentials, not Savings Ace.

Please evaluate whether the revenue generated is worth the negative connotations for your company. I loved your product for years, but I feel as if my back is against the wall and I may have to cancel my premium memberships simply to protect the access to my bank account. I am also posting alerts regarding this at,, and any other consumer protection venues I can locate to spare as many unsuspecting people the hassle I have gone through recently.


An Open letter to unaware consumers:

Apparently there was some check box or something that I overlooked when I signed up for (formerly that allows their "affliliates" to have access to your credit / debit information. I got an email from that said the were going to start debiting my bank account. After spending time on the phone with MyLife (who had an "Oh well you must have authorized it attitude) and doing research I have located a toll-free 888-593-5216 at to cancel your membership.

At first they ask for your membership number, telephone number, and creditcard number followed by the # sign. (YEAH RIGHT...I sure wasn't about to give them my phone number and credit card number again) I only entered the membership number and then the # sign. It took me to a menu to cancel. It said to hit a number to cancel and seemed to accept it. (We'll see!) In my recent research I have also found past complaints of companies like using this same system.

I also have been emailing the / people to complain about their association with this company. I can't believe that ultimately the revenue they might be getting for referrals is worth this bad press.

Call to action: If you have been bitten unknowingly by this type of auto-debit of your bank accounts please post your bad experience at,, and notify any appropriate regulatory / rating bureaus.

I will update the list of sites and info I uncover on them as it becomes available. Remember these services typically make it near impossible to give you an easy avenue to cancel, find an email address to complain, and near impossible to find a live person to talk to.

Some companies so far I have identified using this tactic: (may show up on your bill as AP9 Savings Ace) - Cancellation number 888-593-5216 (may show up on your bill as AP9 ShoppingEssentials, IK9 Shopping Essentials) - Cancellation number 888-999-0564



They got me for 11 months.Refuse to refund.

Where do I go to get started on getting my money back and filing charges?I am in NC.

La Grange, Texas, United States #405609

I just releized that SavingsAce has been deducting 19.95 from my account for 7 months - I have no idea how they got my info or what they do!After several 0 tries on the phone I got a live person and was told the account would be canceled but no credit for past charges.

I would gladly become a party to any fraud or legal charges against these BS people!!

Let me know please!Stephen


Go to BBB website and review Savings Ace.There is a government action against the company.

File a complaint to Iowa Attorney Generals office. I would recommend canceling any credit cards they used even if you cancelled the mebership.

Heard they may use it again later but under a different company name.My credit card company said these companies are hiding the boxes in the Terms & condtions section of other websites.


Ditto, they ripped my dad off the same way, he signed up for one thing, and got this tacked on as well (savings ace). I'm sure they make a lot of cash by "accident" and will continue to get rich that way until stopped.


I just got a charge from savingsace.I never signed up with them.

Also got one from pastporttofun.

Anyone ever heard of them?They charged me $19.95 as well!


I fought with these people for months after having over $300 in fraudulent charges on my credit card.Finally, I opened a fraud complaint with law enforcement service online.

An investigation began with the police and like magic I got an e-mail saying that Savings Ace will be refunding all charges.I strongly recommend going to the police....seems to be the only way to get anywhere with this rip off artists


They charged me 19.95 four times.Had to yell on the phone and demand a supervisor to further fig with to finally get them to issue refunds.

At first they insisted they could only refund one month.SCAM!

Demand full refunds.Threaten chargebacks.


Savings Ace are crooked.They are criminals.

They are stealing from people. A class action suit is necessary. Are there any lawyers reading this. This company stole over $300 from me, caused over drafts and I had to cancel my credit card.

They have been doing this for several years.

Who is investigating these.I know my bank is investigating these scams.


Apparently I have been charged over a period of around a year by SavingsAce and a company called of these companies are frauds.

I tried calling the numbers that are listed on my bank statement and on the websites to cancell, but they ring once and then a dial tone. I think this is BS considering that when I "signed up" for both of their services...I was in IRAQ!!

I will be filing a lawsuit to get all of my money back from both companies.If anyone has any information on any open class action suits, please let me know.


Savings ace STOLE 3 payments from me that I DID NOT Authorize. I will be retaining an attorney. To go after *** blood sucking pigs


I passed the same experience with this company and I am looking for a lawyer to take legal actions against this company. Please write me at if you have an open case with them and need to take legal actions too.


We too just noticed 2 fraudulent charges of $19.95 each from knowing anything about this "company", I looked on the net & saw all these other complaints.

My husband is on the phone trying to get it straightened out now.These people are defrauding people left & right & need to be prosecuted.


my complaint is about the same as snortles my bank said the charge cannot be taken away but the $19.95 has been cancelled from savings acount but will see about the account. what is weird is that I bring up my life .com on the search bar different ways and what comes up is the email i recieved to start this mess can my computer be controlled and should i cancelled my credit card.


I too got a charge to my credit card from "savingsace". I never ever heard of them before seeing the charge on my credit card. How can they keep doing this?


I am from the Philippines and I was victimized too by this scam, Savings Ace.I was charged starting last year for $19.95 and it has gone up to $22.95 for something I did not authorize and did not get any service or product for.

Like many of the victims my card number must have been stolen by this company and charged my credit card fraudulently.My problem is how to get back all the amounts I have paid all these months.


Same thing 19.95 for at least 3 months I'm aware of. They are returning my money, without much of a fight.


Te same thing happened to me. I called the company and in a very authoritative voice demanded that 6 payments of 19.95 be credited back to me. It worked and I should be receiving my credit.


As far as a phone to the charge on your acct.

goes, you cannot get thru' as they ask for a memberhip No. and a credit care No. Even if I were a member would not give my card No. over the phone.

The bank already has the information they need from the transaction but have to know it is disputed. My bank is now making certain no further charges are paid. I have filed a complaint w/the Atty. General's office in the scammer's state and the company I use for my PC security (McAfee) is also investigating.

May have more news Mon. There is also a class action suit against several of these companies who sell your credit info.

Do some investigating.Time this is stopped.


My Visa was also charged $11.95 on 12/16/09 by Shopping Essentials.I check my acct.

often online. The bank was notified this was disputed and they will also make sure no further chages are paid to this company. Have filed several complaints w/fraud agency and the company I use for my PC security (McAfee) is also investigating. The address for SE is SM P.O.

Box 5152, Des Plaines, IL 60017-5152, so I also filed a complaint w/the Illinois Distric Attorney's office.

You have to check your statements often and carefully and simply notify your bank the disputed then investigate further from there doing everything you can.


I too just noticed that $19.95 was taken out of my account from these guys without my knowledge of what Savings Ace even is.

What's going on here?!


I eventually got a full refund from the company but I had to get my bank to help make the call for me.

If you didn't incur the charges, look at the bank statement and there should be a contact number for the biller listed.

Take that number to your bank and see if they can help find out more info or help you dispute the charge.


I have been charged $19.95 for something that I wasn't even aware of - and don't really know what this service does. How do i remove my details form these fraudsters.

View more comments took $60.rather than $12. for 3 month membership

Cleveland, Georgia 0 comments

do not fall for the $5.or $12.

monthly premiums! They take out $59.00 and $ 1. for something else Stay Away! Use myspace Was done on oct.

30,2008 and i am absolutely pissed! It was gone from my checking account 2 minutes after it popped up on the screen and it said that $60. total had been removed! damned fast!i have rarely had problems with my dealings online.

used the program last year looking for my lost brother. seems it was $30. and they said it was not refundable! should have learned when you had no choices!

went for the deal offered for 3 months for $12.and they got me for 60.00.

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